World Igbo Congress resolves to present cases against Nigeria government to United Nations, World powers

World Igbo Congress, (WIC) has resolved to present case against Nigeria government to United Nations (UN) and World powers.

According to Biafra Times, WIC made the resolution during its annual convention held at Houston, Texas, in United States of America, USA.

 Dr. Richard Nwachukwu, who is the general secretary of WIC, made it clear that the Igbo would meet United Nations and world powers to present their case against Nigeria.

The top agendas discussed on the convention are several issues affecting the Igbo people in Nigeria which include security of life and property in Igbo land.

Other matters included are also the threats of herdsmen and the future of Ndigbo at large.

WIC also deliberated on how to support its organization to influence leadership of Igbo.

The leadership role will help to promote synergy among all Igbo organization in Diaspora.

During the convention, WIC also urged all Igbo to fully support the congress for the benefits of entire Ndigbo.

The congress also stated that its responsibility is to create a plan that will assist Ndigbo in promotion of investment in Igbo region.

WIC also decided to seek an establishment of database for Igbo in Diasporas in order to help provide strategy and planning for the security and economic development in Igbo land.

The congress complained that Nigeria 1999 constitution does not contain referendum in any of the schedules.

Therefore, the congress resolved to take action through diplomacy and engagement of world powers and United Nations, in support to freedom of Igbo.

In his remarks, Dr. Richard reminded the congress the need to relocate Igbo businesses’ headquarters to Igbo land.

He said that this relocation will help for protection of Igbo peoples from unwanted attacks and violence.

World Igbo Congress also advised Nigeria government to equally sign the roundtable on ministerial inter–religious freedom as a support to freedom of religion.

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