Undergraduates to begin enjoying free GT Bank charges

GT Bank has said that Nigeria young graduates between the ages of 16-25 can now begin to enjoy free charges on transfers, USSD transactions and Bank alerts.

The free charges is only for GTCreat8 account holders, DailyTrust reports.

The financial institution said that un undergraduates have really benefited from the GTCrea8 concerts, masterclasses, digital training and many other initiatives over the past years.

“Over the years, tens of thousands of university undergraduates have benefited from GTCrea8 concerts, masterclasses, digital training, Education Support Grants, and several other initiatives championed by the bank to ensure students have a more rewarding campus experience. Now, millions of students across the country will be able to bank for free following the Bank’s commitment to cover the cost of all banking charges for GTCrea8 account holders,”

On his remarks, the Chief Executive Officer of Guaranty Trust Bank, Segun Agbaje said that giving the free charges to young ones is one of the methods GT bank can help in empowering the youth.

 “Empowering young people in every way is the most valuable investment that we can make for the future. That is why we have taken this bold step to cover the cost of all their banking charges, not just to allow them to bank for free, but also to inspire them to imagine a world free of all limits to their ambitions, and in which they can achieve their greatest dreams.”

The Chief Executive Officer also said the bank will continue to seek more ways and initiatives to inspire and support young people.

“We will continue to find innovative ways and create new initiatives to give young people all the motivation, support and platform that they need to thrive. This is the reason we have made banking free for young undergraduates, and it is also the reason we are organizing the GTBank Fashion Weekend, the biggest fashion event in Africa, on November 9-10, 2019 to champion the talent, creativity and endeavours of our young entrepreneurs”, Segun Agbaje said.

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