Tragedy in Onitsha as petrol tanker explodes, causes fire outbreak on road and in market – See full details and Videos

There was fire outbreak caused by Fuel tanker along upper Iweka road, Onitsha, Anambra State on Wednesday.

The fire started around 11 am -12 pm when the petrol tanker leaden with premium motor spirit (PMS) lost control and exploded along MCC Bus stop, down to Toronto hospital, beside Ekwulobia Urban Mass and Romchi Mass Transit Park, Upper Iweka road. The head of the fuel tanker cut-off from its body, left the bottom body aside, and moved away to the end of down fly over, Upper Iweka road; but no life was lost at the spot.

The fire service that came for rescue did not even control the fire; but it was later controlled by some people

The head of Fuel Tanker
Image of Fuel Tanker Head

who used liquid of faeces to extinguish it.

The inferno escalated as the liquid fuel from the tanker that spilled in drainage channel continues flowing down to Ochanja Market Round-About burnt some houses, vehicles and properties.

Premium motor spirit in the drainage
Image of PMS in the Gutter

The worst is that the woman identified as Ifeoma along with her baby was burnt to death while trying to rescue the child who fell in the gutter. Another man also died while trying to his money.

The burnt woman and baby
Image of Burnt Woman and baby
Another man who was burnt to death in onitsha fire outbreak in ochanja Market
Another man who was burnt to death in onitsha fire outbreak

There was tension, confusion and riot on the road as people, motorists, and passengers ran for their lives. business men shut their Shops immediately there was fire outbreak in Onitsha.

Glogist reports that some affected business men started evacuating their goods from the market as fire gut several goods in a new plaza building along Zik avenue road. The fire lingered till Thursday morning as businesses shut down.

Several people criticized State Government for their recklessness and inability to provide fire service for control of the inferno.


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