Traders: ASMATA bans daily Prayers in Anambra Markets

Anambra traders union known as Anambra State Amalgamated Traders Association, (ASMATA) has banned daily prayers that are often been conducting by various markets in the state.
The ASMATA President, Chief Ikechukwu Ekwegbalu made the announcement on wednesday while addressing  traders leader during ASMATA general executive meeting in Onitsha.
He narrated that the ban aroused due to lingering extortion allegation and misuse of daily prayers for political jamboree observed in the markets.

He said this is really causing problem in the markets. Some traders have turned prayers into political self interest.
According to The Nation Newspaper, the President told the executives comprising leaders and secretaries respectively, of every market union in the state to go and make decision with their traders on particular day or date for the prayer meeting.

He said that the stipulated time should be around 7am to 10am so that everybody will go to their business activities.
Chief Ikechukwu Ekwegbalu complained about matters that are separating members of traders union. He pointed out that the matters should be treated within and not outside of the union which would trigger involvement of  Police and ministry of trade and commerce.

Glogist understands that some markets in anambra are having contentions among their traders leaders. This lead to division and crisis among traders in the markets.

Market in onitsha such as Emodi Shoe Dealers Association, ESDA have recent crisis that involve incumbent administration and past president of the market. 

ASMATA Leader advised the traders to promote unity and peace among themselves by abiding the laws and constitution of the association.
He said there would be no extension of tenure for leader when his/her tenure is over. And every market union should hold free and fair election for new administration.
Chief Ikechukwu also urged the traders leaders to abstain from generating illegal fund from their various markets.
On the other hands, The Commissioner for Trade , Commerce, Markets and Wealth Creation, Mr Christian Madubuko advised traders to avoid tampering with market revenues.
He further warned that every traders should pay stallage fees and other dues.

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