SERAP writes to African Commission to take South Africa to court for Xenophobia attacks, demands $10 billion for victim’s compensation

SERAP sent a letter to African commission, demands 10 billion dollars as a compensation to the victims in South Africa.

Socio- Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP has sent a letter to African Commission on Human and People’s Rights to take South Africa to African court on human rights for the case of lingering xenophobia attacks against Nigerians and other African nations.

The Organization asked African Commission to take the case to court and also seek long lasting solution and compensation for Nigerian and other affected African victims.

 SERAP also urged the commission to take legal actions and seek for punitive damages and provision of adequate compensations of 10 billion dollars for the victims.

The organization stated that the compensation is for justice to harms and damages the victims incurred during the violence and attacks. This will help the victims to recover their lost assets.

In the open letter, SERAP said that the compensation will help to discourage revenge, violence and attacks in Republic of South Africa, Nigeria and other African nations.

The organization also appealed the commission to take legal actions against South Africa for the case of xenophobia attacks or if not, that the Nigerian government will take the law into their hands.

“If the commission does not pursue a case for compensation for victims, the Nigerian government may compel it to do so before the court”, SERAP noted.

SERAP also debunked the attacks and noted that every African citizen in South Africa has freedom of rights to life and human dignity irrespective of their nationality.

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