Privacy Policy

                                              “Glogist” Privacy Policy

GLOGIST understands the importance of privacy policy. That is why we have prepared this privacy policy  to inform “user”, ”You”, ”He” or ”She”, on how we provide our services, and also how you can use this site properly.

This site collects and store your personal information you may provide on this website or any of its services.

This policy applies only when you use devices like PC, mobile and tablet phone to access or visit It does not apply to services outside to our services or from other websites.

Collection of Personal Information

We collect and store any personal information you may provide to this site.

  • Email subscription: Users who opt in to subscribe to daily news alert must provide their valid email addresses.
  • Push notification: We collect your device information and send notification to you.
  • Comments: We collect your data when you leave a comment on a comment forms and, also through IP address and browser types to help prevent and detect spam.

User must log in with a valid email address or any of social media accounts to comment.

User may opt-in to saving his/her name, email address and website in cookies. This will prevent you from filling your details again when you leave another comment on this site.

  • Contact us, share your story, report feedback or any inquiries. We will store your personal information so that we can have interaction with you at any time.

Non Personal Information

The website server automatically store your information/data in log files,when you visit this site. This include: IP address, browser type, ISP, type of operating system, time spent, visiting date and time, page views and clicks.

The way we manage information

You can decide when to update your personal information. We will store and manage your data when you update to help us comply to our privacy practices.

The way we use collected information 

We collect information to serve you better and to improve the website functionality, send emails notification and news updates. We equally use non personal information to protect the site against abuse.

Sharing information

With respect to user’s privacy policy, this site does not in any way share your personal information with third party. Thus, we ensure will maintain the site privacy-policy practices. 


Third party vendors such as Google or any other ads network service use cookies to serve ads to user based on visit to this site.

User may opt out from use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting Ads settings or

 On the other hand, self-service is the one we provide when a particular firms bid with us for ads display. We cannot serve any ads without a negotiation from any company or bidders.


This site may contain link to other websites that are not managed by us. Some ads may be served from affiliates services.

In this case, we are not responsible for any inconveniences that might arise while accessing or purchasing any products from these services.

Please, we advise that you check and read other websites or services privacy-policies.

Use of cookies

Does this site use cookies? Yes!

This site uses cookies to improve users experiences, services and navigation to the site.

What do cookies mean?

Cookies are small files that are on your computer or mobile phone browser when you visit or access the website. It saves user’s time while online.

Cookies are functional in various ways:

  • Cookies help to identify a device that you use to access a website and at same time recognize when you leave and revisit the website.
  • It helps to remember log in and log out information without repeating it again.
  • Third party vendors like google uses cookies to serve appropriate ads to site visitors.

You may access Ads setting if you wish to opt out from use of cookies for personalized advertising.

You may also disable cookies on your devices. But we advise you to avoid it because it will affect the site negatively.

What you can share

This website permit you to share posts contents legally to social media services.

Update of Privacy Policy

Glogist has the sole responsibility to alter/modify and update any part of this privacy policy. The modification takes effect when any contents is updated. we urge you to refer to this privacy policy at any time for any update.  

Do you intend to ask us questions regarding to this privacy-policy?

Contact us on this address: or