Prevent cholera disease now – says by NCDC DG

The General director of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu  has spoken on how to prevent cholera disease.

DG said that cholera is the easiest infectious disease to prevent out of all kinds of diseases. You cannot  have cholera if you boil water and have clean water

According to NCDC DG, Cholera can kill within hours if a carrier do not get medication or treated.

 Lack of clean water and poor sanitation hygiene practices lead to transmission of cholera.

Dr. Chikwe said that the good thing about Lassa fever is that we were just recipient of knowledge previously. But now we are really the source of knowledge that we need to confront this disease.

According to him, NPHC work together with NCDC on some sets of preventable disease measures called vaccines preventable diseases to ensure that every primary health care centre in Nigeria has access to available vaccines for the scheduled – routine immunization that children can access.

NCDC revealed that their goal is to develop a clear plan and strategy to improve early detection and response to outbreak of infectious diseases.

Also, NCDC is reviewing the technical guidelines for Nigeria’s integrated disease surveillance and response strategy along with government and international partners.

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