President Muhammadu Buhari gives advice to NYSC Members

President Muhammadu Buhari gave advice to National Youth service Corps, (NYSC) members to live up to the expectation of founding fathers in the country.

Buhari made the statement when he received NYSC members to his hometown Daura, in Katsina state on Sunday, August 10, during Eld el Kabir Sallah celebration.

Buhari was accompanied with Guinea President, Prof. Alfa Conde who visited Nigeria on saturday, August 10.

According to Spokesperson, (SSA, media and publicity) to the president, Garba Shehu, the President urged youth corps members to live up to expectation of founding fathers by using education career and having privilege to visiting other parts of the country in order to unite Nigeria.

Also, in his statement, the primary focus of the NYSC scheme is to expose graduates to the beauty and diversity of the nation. And thus, when Corps members return to their various states, they can share their various experiences and ideas.

He said, this can be achieved if youth corps member should embark the campaign of uniting Nigeria by often preaching the values of living together in peace, kindness and hospitality in all parts of the nation through community development service, CDS.

President Muhammadu Buhari said that the nation still rely on past and present corps member scheme to unite the country since they have first-hand experience of living together with different ethnic groups by studying different cultures and traditions in various parts of Nigeria.

‘’From Lagos, Portharcourt and other parts of the country. You are at the end of the country. This posting will make all of you know this place and you can clear the minds of those who are not educated.

‘’It is only NYSC that is merging us together and of course, the police and soldiers’’.  

In addition, the Guinea President, urged youth corps member to understand that they are Nigerians by promoting unity in their nation.

‘’ First of all, you are Nigerians; before you are from any part of this country. So promote your country’s unity regardless of your tribes’’

Prof. Alfa Conde also urged President Buhari to intensify the measures to promote, peace, unity, security and combat corruption in all parts of Nigeria. He also opined that Nigeria greatest strength is still relied on diversity.

After the address, Buhari donated two cows and ten bags of rice to the corps members while Guinea president supported them with donation of two cows.

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