Okorocha lashes out to Ihedioha for insulting him

Senator Rochas Okorocha has described the recent Ahiajoku lecture which was held in Imo State as a reunion of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwarts.

Former Imo governor made this disclosure on a press statement released by his Special Adviser on media, Sam Onwuemeodo

This follows a feud between the present governor of Imo State, Emeka Ihedioha and Rochas Okorocha. The misunderstanding started since Ihedioha became the governor. Ihedioha accused Okorocha for misusing the state fund while the latter is accusing the present governor for stolen another man mandate to be in office.

Okorocha reacted that “What happened in Owerri on Saturday was not Ahiajoku Lecture but a get-together by the PDP bigwigs and they were assembled by governor Ihedioha to abuse the former governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, the APC and the Party’s leadership at all levels”.

He also said “All those who attended the event including Fani Kayode, Chief Chidoka, Chief Peter Obi, Prof. M. Echeruo, Governor Udom Emmanueletal, are all PDP chieftains. So, it was the first get-together of the Party after the elections, in the South-East. And they did nothing else than to abuse Okorocha, APC and other leaders”.

Rochas claimed that Ihedioha has not done anything since he has been on seat.

“Ihedioha has been on the seat as governor for Seven months now, from May to November, and within the period, he has never done any other thing other than to abuse Rochas Okorocha because he is cowed or intimidated by Okorocha’s existing achievements. He can’t cope and has no other option than to resort to abuses.

”The governor does not know what to do with the position. He has discovered that the post of governor is different from the position of Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives with keen interests in oversight functions and constituency projects. Hence, in Seven months, there is nothing to show that there is a new government in the State, only promises without fulfillment of any.

“He made too much noise about pension. He has only paid 3 months, August, September and October. He has made noise about roads and not even one pothole has been filled. The government only exists on whatsapp and facebook. Yahoo-Yahoo.com government. And Imo people are now asking him where is the money left behind by Okorocha? Where are the loans he has taken? Where are the federal allocations for both State and Local Governments? Where are the IGR Funds”.

“PDP had governed the State for 12 years before Okorocha. Let Ihedioha and his government publish the achievements of the PDP government for the 12 years it governed the State, while we publish Okorocha’s achievements in eight years.

”We have thrown up this harmless challenge severally, yet, no action from them because they know the truth. The truth is that what Okorocha achieved in 8 years, the PDP government didn’t achieve one-tenth of it in 12 years. And the current government appears the worst because there is no sign of progress or any hope that there will be light at the end of the tunnel”.

”It is very disappointing that Ihedioha expended the opportunity he would have used to tell his fellow party members what he has been doing in the State for Seven months to abuse Okorocha and APC. Was Okorocha the topic of the Ahiajoku Lecture? Insulting Okorocha obviously was the only thing he could say to divert attention and also attract attention.

“Governor Ihedioha has shown that he does not have the capacity to govern the State. He is not on Seat to abuse Okorocha. He is there to work for Imo people. He spent about N6 billion to organize the PDP get-together called Ahiajoku Lecture, only to abuse Okorocha and in an edifice built by the same Okorocha.

” The former governor changed the place and called it Imo Trade and Investment Centre because to him and to most Imo people, Ahiajoku had no spiritual and economic value. But Ihedioha came and went back to Ahiajoku”, Okorocha stated.

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