North will not support Igbo presidency in 2023 – Kayode

Femi-Fani Kayode has stated that North will never want or support to give presidency to Igbo in 2023.
Kayode, who was former Minster of Culture and Minister of Aviation, made the statement on one of his official social handles. He added that the entire South need total freedom not presidency.

“If you believe that the north will support an Igbo Presidency in 2023 then you still do not understand the injustice that Nigeria represents. The north will never support an Igbo presidency and that is the tragedy of Nigeria. The entire south needs ‘EMANCIPATION’ and not Presidency”.

He also said that the issue of emancipation that Biafra and Oduduwa have with Nigeria is similar to the issue UK have with Europe.

“Europe is making it difficult for the UK to leave just as Nigeria is making difficult for Biafrans and Oduduwans to leave”.

Kayode also said that referendum is the best if those who want to stay in the southern region are more than those who want to leave.
“If those that want to stay in Nigeria in South East and West are more than those that wish to leave then let there be a referendum. I challenge the Federal Government to allow one”.

He also commented that it is very difficult for United Kingdom (UK) to leave Europe.
“It is absurd to think the UK will allow Northern Ireland to remain in customs union whilst the rest of the country is out of it. Brussels is going too far in its attempt to humiliate the Brits and bring them to their knees over BREXIT”.

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