Nigeria senate propose to punish sex offenders in school for 14 -21 years imprisonment

Nigeria senate has debated a bill to imprison sex offenders in tertiary institution.

The senate debated this on Wednesday during plenary session at senate house, Abuja.

The deputy senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege raised the proposal  “A Bill for an Act to prevent, prohibit and redress sexual harassment of students in tertiary educational institutions and for other matters connected there with, 2019 (SB. 77).

Senator Uche Ekwunife commended deputy senate President for bringing this important Bill.  She said “It is straightforward, what happens to women goes beyond the tertiary institutions. Girls who help in homes have not even come up to say theirs.

She also said “Women suffer a lot from men as some men employ house helps and then convert them to sex machines.  So, 21 years in prison is not enough punishment for the offenders.”

Senator Betty Apiafi condemned the attitudes some educators exhibited in the school toward their female students.  He said that “A teacher is a mentor and any mentor who takes advantage of his mentee is unacceptable. Consequently, sexual harassment leaves a scar which does not go away. “Senator Apiafi proposed that The Bill should be extended to primary and secondary schools.

Another Senator, Eyakenyi said the Bill should be approved and should go into public hearing and be passed into act.

Conclusively, the senate president, Dr. Ahmad Lawan said that “This Bill has a very universal acceptance not only to Senate but to every Nigerian parent. We will like to see an environment where our females are fully protected.

Dr Lawan also said that the nation will always protect our female regardless of their age and status. He also said “How can we ensure that the female bankers do not go through the kind of indecent request or assault on their lives by whoever is the boss. He thus stated that Senate should be looking at other means to protect females.

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