NCDC/NFELTP 2019: Gates Foundation focus on saving lives – Valerie says

NCDC/NFELTP 2019 DAY 1: Speaker Dr. Nkamgang-Bemo

Topics; Philanthropist perspectives to mitigating disasters and health emergencies.

The Deputy Director, Emergency Response of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Valerie Nkamgang-Bemo has said that gates foundation focus on saving lives.

Dr.Valerie made the statement while delivering a keynote speech on day 1 of the 4th Nigeria Centre for Disease Control/Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Programme, (NCDC/NFELTP 2019) annual scientific conference at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, today.

While speaking on philanthropist perspectives to mitigating disasters and health emergencies, Dr. Valerie Nkamgang said that we lived in a world filled with increased crises, both natural disasters and conflicts that affect human health. The foundation as philanthropist is taking a risk to basic renovation.

“We live in a world where we see increased number of crises, disasters, and natural conflicts. We know that there will be more people first, with displacement; there will be more migration and climate change. These have direct impacts on health”.

“One of the things we look at is to save lives because it is the only way to productive life”.

She also said that the Gate Foundation has been collaborating with various stakeholders to help providing remedy to issues of predictable public health emergencies.

“There are predictable public health emergencies, and we have an interest in strengthening capacity to enhance preparedness. We collaborate with various stakeholders such as government, NGOs, schools and private sectors in strengthening preparedness”.

Dr. Valerie equally said that gates foundation had supported Nigeria for eradication of Ebola outbreak in 2014.

The foundation also, started adopting sustainable measures and strategy to strengthening the country’s preparedness.

He also commended gates NCDC for their effort and contribution in quick response to disease control and heath especially their aim of establishing public health centers (PHEOCs) across parts of Nigeria.

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