Lawmakers demand a bill to allocate 20% National budget to constituency projects

Nigeria senate has demanded a bill to allocate a minimum of 20 per cent of Nigeria’s annual budget to constituency projects.

It was noted that the bill was passed after the lawmakers debated on it at plenary session in Abuja on Wednesday.

The bill sponsored by Stella Oduah, Senator representing Anambra North, was first read at Senate house on November 19.

The lawmakers said “All projects shall be projects as defined under this Act when passed and may include costs related to feasibility studies, planning and design or other technical input for the project but shall not include recurrent costs of a facility and;

“Projects may include the acquisition of vehicles, machinery and other equipment for the constituency,” are some provisions of the bill.

According to Senator Oduah “Most legislators around the world angle for such projects such that they can appeal to the voters in their constituents since they seek votes just as the executive does. In most democracies, it is a process used to obtain funding from a central government to finance projects benefiting the legislators’ local constituents.

“The Constituency Projects shall constitute 20% of the Annual Budget by ensuring that certain portion of the nation’s annual budget be set aside for rural development.

“Since the inception of constituency project in Nigeria there have been misconceptions, misinterpretations and judgment of the constituency project administration. This and indeed some other factors have painted the hallowed chambers of National Assembly in bad light”.

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