FG Mentions conditions for opening of Border

Federal Government of Nigerian has provided conditions for opening of Border to neighbouring countries.

The information was released by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama after a meeting with members of the Inter-ministerial committee on the temporary partial closure of land borders in Abuja on Monday.

Nigeria borders have been closed since several weeks. FG had said that the closure would help boost local economy of the nation.

In fact there have been many reactions from Nigerians. Some said it’s unfair while others liked it because it would help local production of made in Nigeria products.

The conditions are as follows:

  • Goods must meet stipulated packaging standards. If the goods are coming from outside ECOWAS, the value addition must be over 30% to be accepted within the framework of the Economic Trade Liberalisation Scheme that ECOWAS countries have to promote trade among them.

  • Any import coming from outside an ECOWAS region and imported into an ECOWAS member state must maintain its original packaging. They must be escorted from the port directly to the designated entry point in the Nigerian border, presented to the Nigerian customs with their original packaging. Compromises will not be tolerated.

  • Rules of Origin Compliance. Any goods produced predominantly in ECOWAS member states must satisfy the ECOWAS rules of origin to avoid any possibility of downplay and it must be majorly produced in ECOWAS countries.

This is to avoid countries outside member states from exporting their goods into ECOWAS region repackaged, as though they are coming from an ECOWAS region.

  • All warehouses around common borders must be dismantled.

  • Enforcement of recognized passports as entry documents. It means that individuals moving through Nigerian borders must present recognized entry points and must have recognized travel documents (country passport).

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